Error notifications and solutions
  • 03 Jan 2022
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Error notifications and solutions

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In some cases, the watch can't succeed in connecting to the network or to the data.
In such cases, the application update and the configuration upload to emerit-console can't be done, and the watch will notify the following icon:

Coming back to the watch main screen, look for the red icons on the left side.

Error typeSolution
No GSM connection
1. Check if SIM card is active
2. Check if the security by PIN code of the SIM card has been disabled beforehand
3. Check if SIM card is correctly inserted into SIM slot cf Inserting SIM card

4. Check if SIM card circuit needs cleaning

If the 4 checks are done and the error is still ongoing, please contact customer support.

No IP connection
1. Check with GSM network operator that the subscription associated with the SIM card has the data option
2. The APN code allowing the data connection is not pre-registered in the watch and it must be programmed manually using the following SMS command:
  • ?emerit_apn: header of the SMS command
  • A: operator name
  • B: APN code
  • C: user name (if requested), if not used put *
  • D: password (if requested), if not used put *
  • E: 0 = disabled / 1 = enabled (we recommend to let this value to 1 by default)
Example without user and password:
Example with user and password:

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